A few more hours before the main event

If yesterday, I was nervous, today, I am a bit relaxed. Really praying hard for the five-peat championship. That has been the goal naman talaga from the start of the season. I hope the basketball gods will side with us today. Haha. Lahat na sana ng momentum, swerte at kung anu-ano makuha ng Ateneo today. Hahaha. Hoping na tambakan na kagad nila right on para tapos na kagad and tanggal-kaba na rin.

The Ateneo team has not played solid basketball this season (except for the game against NU in the 1st round), but I really hope they saved their best game for the last, which is today (not jinxing it! Haha).


It all boils down to this…Finals Game 2


For some reason, I am excited but at the same time nervous. I can’t help but think of things that will happen tomorrow. However, I am hoping for the best. I just hope they will give it their all and that they will finally win it. I am praying really hard for the 5-peat to happen. They (the players above) are my best five this season, so I am also expecting them to step up tomorrow. Again, I am hoping for the best, and best means 5-peat tomorrow (Hahaha) but I hope I will be able to sleep too! Hahaha. ONE BIG FIGHT!