Best of 2014: My picks for Best International Volleyball Players and Moments


1. Taylor Sander (USA/BYU) – Rookie-MVP in an international scene. Amazing leap and excellent volleyball IQ.


2. Marius Wlazly (Poland) – Led the country for a world championship. Beat that.


3. Ivan Zaytsev (Italy) – Italy’s own workhorse. Can score anywhere.


4. Wallace De Souza (Brazil) – Still good despite the injury (also biased cause he’s my favorite)


5. Ricardo Lucarelli (Brazil) – Most improved player


6. Earvin Ngapeth (France) – Breakout year, definitely


7. Seyed Mousavi (Iran) – 48 blocks in a world tournament. Beat that.


8. Matthew Anderson (USA) – Still an amazing player no matter what and the heart and soul of USA


9. Jenia Grebennikov (France) – Amazing libero! Brought the house down in the World championship!


10. Mir Saeid Marouflakrani (Iran) – Amazing setter! Probably the best in the world right now.


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Fenerbahce vs Vakifbank: A dream Match for Volleyball fans

Many Turkish league fans like have been anticipating the Fenerbahce vs Vakifbank match-up. Probably because as of now, with Kim Yeon Koung’s approved permit to play in the Turkish league, both teams have the best line-ups (in terms of clubs) in the whole world.

Although not as colorful as last year’s line-up which involved Liubov Sokolova, Fabiana Claudino and Logan Tom, this year’s Fenerbahce team is still competitive. They still have Asia’s best in Kim Yeon Koung from Korea who was also with the other three foreign imports last year. They have also acquired two Brazilian legends in Paula Pequeno and Mari Steinbrecher who can play both the outside and opposite positions. The team also got one of the world’s best middle blockers, Berenika Okuniewska from Poland. Filling the other middle spot is Eda Erdem, one of Turkey’s middle blockers. Individually, they are still very good. They have five able scorers and their line up is still one of the best in the world. How far will they go is the big question this time.

Vakifbank features Turkey’s best players like Naz Aydemir (setter), Neriman Oszoy (outside hitter), Gozde Sonsirma (outside hitter) and my favorites;  Bahar Toksoy (middle) and one of their Turkey’s best hitters Polen Usluhpehlivan (outside/opposite). The team has also acquired great imports like Japan’s current best player Saori Kimura, one of the world’s best blocker Christiane Furst from Germany, Malgorzata Glinka from Poland and Europe’s most prolific scorer Jovana Brakocevic from Serbia. Individually, they are really strong. But as a team, they have yet to be tested especially since this is the first time they will all be together in one team. No doubt, this is a dream team for Vakifbank. If they gel even more, they will be deadly and might become the world’s best club, at least for this year.