Best of 2015: My picks for Best Filipino, international volleyball players and teams

So I’ve decided to do something different in this post. Instead of the usual gender separation, I will write my article based on significance this year. Take note that significance is different from achievements so this might not be a list you want to see if you’re a results/championship count/award count kind of guy/girl. But more or less, my list is kind of a mix of both.

2015 has been a very good for volleyball; both locally and in the international scene. In the international scene, we saw a lot of teams rise and a lot of underdog stories. We witnessed a lot of unpredictable things but we’ll talk about that in a bit. As for the local scene, I can maybe say that 2015 is the start of a golden era for Philippine Volleyball. We finally got to see our national teams play in major tournaments this year and we saw a lot of monster newbies and players who improved their game.

So just to have an overview, this blog segment will go like this:
Top 10 promising international players
Top 10 promising local players
Top 10 international players
Top 10 local players
Top 10 international teams
Top 10 local teams

Have fun reading!

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