Best of 2015: My picks for Best Filipino, international volleyball players and teams


10. Molly Kreklow (USA/Eczasibasi Vitra, setter)

10 - Kreklow

Her rookie year was such a blast. She won Best Setter right away in her first year. What’s even glaring is the fact that she was able to maintain USA’s low-fast play while Alisha Glass is away. She’s someone to look forward to in the coming years, that’s for sure.

9. Nicolas Le Goff (France/Berlin RV, middle)

07 - Le Goff

Le Goff has been providing a lot of good minutes for France. He was able to help them win the championship a few months ago and his quick attacks are amazing.

8. Ajcharaporn Kongyot (Thailand/Supreme Chonburi, winger)

08 - Ajcharaporn

We all know what Ajcharaporn can do. She’s Thailand’s own phenom and someone they can rely on in terms of scoring. I’m quite sure she will be a threat to the other Asian countries in the coming years. She is very good and since Thailand has a very good volleyball program, no doubt, she will blossom into a next Onuma, Wilavan or Malika.

7. Kevin Le Roux (France/Halkbank Ankara, middle blocker)

09 - Le Roux

Le Roux is one of the tallest players in the world. At 6’10, he’s been doing an amazing job for France. He has powerful hitting as well as awesome blocking. You can see him soar above his blockers most of the time. He’s also an animated player so don’t be surprised to see him react a lot when scoring. He will be one of France’s anchors in the coming years, that’s for sure.

6. Melissa Vargas (Cuba/Cienfuegos, opposite)

06 - Vargas

I’ve been following this kid since she first played for Cuba at age 13. Yes it’s right. THIRTEEN. And back then, she already had powerful attacks and amazing serves. She needs to work on her defense though but she will definitely be Cuba’s face in the coming years.

5. Yuki Ishikawa (Japan/Parmareggio Modena, winger)

05 - Ishikawa

Future of Japan Men’s Volleyball no doubt. As you can see in the picture, he has such an amazing form when hitting. Look at how he hits backrow attacks and you will be amazed. Like super amazed. Right now, he’s playing for a club in Italy and he’s been doing well. Aside from his hitting, another thing worth mentioning about this guy right here is his floor defense.

4. Sarina Koga (Japan/NEC Red Rockets, outside)

04 - Koga

Sarina Koga is one of the most exciting players out there. When I first saw her play, I was super amazed. I’m not kidding. I’ve never been this excited for an Asian player before. No offense to Saori and Ebata fans, but she brings a different kind of impact to Japan whenever she is playing. Although she is small, she packs a lot of power and you can see that she is a very smart player. This is someone we should all be watching out in the next few years.

3. Aaron Russell (USA/Sir Safety Perugia, outside)

03 - Russell

Now this is one player I was able to watch from college to national team. Since his first year for Penn State, Aaron Russel has been a spectacular player. He’s a very good hitter and someone you can count on in terms of floor and net defense. Although a rookie, his performance for USA this year has been awesome. There were some instances when he was the scoring leader for the team.

2. Yuan Xinyue (China/Bayi, middle)

02 - Xinyue

Yuan Xinyue is definitely someone to watch out for. Although young, she has been helping China a lot especially with her amazing running and quick attacks. Her form is just so amazing and it’s so nice to see. She will continue to be a threat to other teams in the next maybe 8-10 years.

1. Srecko Lisinac (Serbia/PGE Skra Bełchatów, middle)

Srecko Lisinac of Serbia spikes

Srecko Lisinac is emerging as one of the best middle blockers in the world. At age 23, he’s been lording statistics and has been doing well for Serbia. Give him a few more years and he will blossom into a next Muserskiy, Lee or many other outstanding middle blockers there. Although a monster in the court, I heard a lot of stories which says that he’s actually a super nice person especially to his family, teammates and his fans.

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