Best of 2014 TV Series Characters, Villains, Deaths and Moments


1. Natalie Anderson wins Survivor (Survivor, CBS)

Natalie Anderson

2. Adam Bethany lording the Amazing Race challenges with just one arm (The Amazing Race, CBS)

Bethany Hamilton
3. David Clarke is alive! (Revenge, ABC)

David Clark
4. Beauty banishing Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold (Once Upon A Time, ABC)

Rumple Belle
5. Selina Meyer as president of the United States (Veep, HBO)

Selina Meyer
6. Look at the flowers/Carol killing Lizzie (The Walking Dead, AMC)

7. Emily Throne confesses to David Clarke that she’s Amanda Clarke (Revenge, ABC)

Emily David
8. Emily confesses to Daniel that her love for her is real while Daniel is dying (Revenge, ABC)

Emily Daniel
9. Walking dead Reunion (The Walking Dead, AMC)

10. Arya going to Braavos (Game of Thrones, HBO)

Arya Bravos
11. A disappointing finale (How I Met Your Mother, CBS)

HIMYM Finale
12. Tyrion’s court speech (Game of Thrones, HBO)

Tyrion court
13. Annalise Keating takes off her make-up and wig before confronting her husband (How To Get Away With Muder, ABC)

14. Rayna James sweeping CMAs (Nashville, ABC)


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