Best of 2014 TV Series Characters, Villains, Deaths and Moments



1. Carol Peletier of The Walking Dead (AMC)
2. Connor Walsh of How To Get Away With Murder (ABC)
3. Stiles Stilinski of Teen Wolf (MTV)
4. Jake Ballard of Scandal (ABC)
5. Felicity Smoak of Arrow (The CW)
6. Knave of Hearts of Once Upon A Time/Once Upon A Time in Wonderland (ABC/ABC)
7. Nolan Ross of Scandal (ABC)
8. Carl Grimes of The Walking Dead (AMC)
9. Nurse Jackson of Red Band Society (FOX)
10. Mellie Grant of Scandal (ABC)
11. Arya Stark of Game of Thrones (HBO)
12. Regina Mills/Evil Queen of Once Upon A Time (ABC)
13. Huck of Scandal (ABC)
14. Cisco Ramon of The Flash (The CW)

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