RP Women’s Volleyball Try Outs (Must-see!)

Big News for Philippine Volleyball!

So just when my friend and I were wondering about the state of Philippine Volleyball, just got a message from Coach Sammy Acaylar, the head coach of the Philippine National Women’s Volleyball Team about the “revamp” and sort of like “Gilas”-ing of the team. So for those who don’t know, Gilas is our national basketball team and their aim is to develop a pool of players, train abroad to hone their skills further and to compete abroad and obviously, represent the Philippines. And through these they were able to perennially contend in the Semis of Asian tournaments and win the championship in every Southeast Asian major tournament. That is the goal in this one. So hopefully, everyone will cooperate since it’s for the country; ONE FOR PHILIPPINE VOLLEYBALL.

So basically, this 2013, those who will be part of the National Women’s Volleyball Team or Bomberinas, as we may call them, are going to compete at three major tournaments:

– World Championship Qualification
– Asian Championship which is gonna be on September 13-21
– And of course, the SEA Games which will start on December 11

So how will you become a Bomberina?

From Coach Sammy:

“First National Team Open Tryouts (Open) will be on February 8 (Friday), 10 (Sunday), 12 (Tuesday) at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium.

Registration will be at 8:30am and tryouts will be from 9:00am to 12:00nn

Players who are interested to tryout for the national team must bring a 2×2 picture.”

And here’s the best part!

The soon-to-be Bomberinas are in for a treat! As what Coach Sammy said, they will not only be part of the National Team but they will also go to other countries and develop their skills.

First two countries they will go to for training? THAILAND and KOREA. Of course, there are more especially if they will be successful. He also said that they BRAZIL and JAPAN opened their doors for training camps for the Bomberinas.

And of course, since they will be competing in tournaments, they will also go to other countries! Like on September, they will go to Dubai for the Asian Championship and on December sa Myanmar for the Southeast Asian Games.

And for those wondering whether college players can try out, here’s a statement:

“We also prepared letters for UAAP/NCAA coaches to allow their players to tryout for the NT after the season. Of course, we respect their schedule naman so inayos namin na mabigyan ng opportunity lahat ng players na makasali, pati yung mga college players (We’re fixing the schedule so that we can give opportunities for those collegiate players who want to join the national team). Isa-isa na silang (coaches) kinakausap personally para maayos na itong national team. (We talked to all of the coaches regarding this).”

And for those in the provinces or maybe even outside the country, the Philippine coaching staff will arrange different try outs at different locations. They’re just fixing the date and reserving venues.

Hopefully, we can also see Filipino-foreigners who are willing to play for the country and be a Bomberina. It’s one thing I am counting on especially since a lot of them are playing in other countries.

These are just but a few tidbits of the upcoming revamp of the National Team. As a Philippine volleyball fan, I got goosebumps when I heard about this and I am really hoping for the best.   Hoping this is it!

Bitin ba? Haha.

Worry not! We asked Coach Sammy Acaylar to guest in our live podcast to promote it and they are more than willing to do so. So better stay tuned for updates on this one!

Let’s all pray for the success of this!




28 thoughts on “RP Women’s Volleyball Try Outs (Must-see!)

  1. Ahm pano pag interasado ang player mag try.out kaso di cya mka punta jhan kc masyadong malayo. Mero ba clang try.outs sa ibang regions. Kc masyadong malayo eh..

  2. i hope mkasama s line up ng national team sina valdez ng ateneo galang ng la salle din din ng nu belleze ng arellano mercado ng lasalle otiz ng ust maano ng lasalle pineda of adu and soriano of adu daquis aiza maizo and gumabaao

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