US NCAA Women’s Volleyball Championship Bracket

Every year, the NCAA Women’s Volleyball never fails to amaze me. After months of competing, here we are again. Perennial strong teams Stanford and Penn State are at the top again. Will the rivals be in this year’s Finals? Gonna be an exciting game for sure. The good thing about the NCAA is that you can’t help but to admire a lot of teams. Like me, I like Penn State, Stanford, Texas, UCLA and USC. I have my own favorites too! There’s Micha Hancock of Penn State who have been my favorite NCAA player ever since her rookie year because of her very good ball distribution and tremendous jump serve which almost always results to an ace. Carly Wopat, though only 6’2 as middle blocker, has also been impressive for Stanford with her quick attacks and blocks. There’s also Hayley Eckerman who has been a vital cog in Texas campaign this year with all her attacks and aces. There’s also Tabi Love of UCLA who I think is one of the future of USA volleyball. At 6’5, her hits are just so amazing. If ever some of the USA players retire, they will still be in good hands with all these players emerging.

So here’s the bracket for the NCAA Championship. Who are your bets? (click to enlarge)


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