NU Lady Bulldogs vs Adamson Lady Falcons

The only time NU and Adamson met in the preseason was during the V-League last summer. Apparently, even though Adamson had Nene Bautista and Keng Serafica, NU still defeated them in 3 exciting sets, even using their Season 76 line-up (minus Aiko Urdas). It was also in that league where Dindin Santiago’s game evolved and became one of the best players not only in college but also in the country. Dindin Santiago scored like 30 points in that game even though it was only played in 3 sets. Imagine that! (Note: Sorry, I am a diehard fan of Dindin Santiago so forgive my being bias towards her! Hahaha)

NU vs Adamson

I must say, compared to the previous years, this is probably NU’s strongest line-up ever. I’m not sure, but I think they have the best collegiate player in their line-up. Dindin Santiago can bully her way against any team and be the Kim Yeon Koung for NU. However, good thing for her, she has the likes of the much-improved Myla Pablo, veteran Cai Nepomuceno and super rookie Aiko Urdas. I also forgot to mention that they have the best libero in Jen Reyes. So yeah, they do have a strong line-up this year. It all depends on the setter now how she will wobble her spikers. But then, even if they just rely on Dindin Santiago, I they will be able to survive. Based from what I saw, Dindin Santiago’s spikes and serves are very hard to receive, block or dig. Her power just got more amazing as well as her leaping ability. I gotta say, her back row attacks will be NU’s main weapon this year.

Adamson still has a formidable team. I guess if not for the injuries of Macatuno and Vasquez, they could have gone to the third place last year. But like I said, they do have an intact team this year. They will be fielding in almost the same line-up and even with a very good addition of an offensive option in Amanda Villanueva. They have very good middles in Pau Soriano and Faye Guevarra (even Erika Alkuino is good!) as well as wingers in Sheila Pineda, Amanda Villanueva and Mayette Zapanta. Of course, Adamson’s main weapon is their floor defense so this will pretty much keep them in the competition.

I’m pretty sure this will be a very good game to see. I think both teams are Final Four contenders and that they do have what it takes to give us a very good and down the wire game. I don’t see any advantages nor disadvantages for either teams.

Prediction: 5 sets, can go either way

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