Thoughts on The CW’s new shows; “Arrow” and “Beauty and the Beast”



Arrow was quite a blast. The hype was really for real! I really liked everything. It’s as if I am watching a movie or something. I like series like that. I also like the fact that all things were explained and there are superhero action right away. I kind of doubted this show at first because not all superhero TV series were successful. But when I saw the first few minutes, I was impressed. I’ll surely watch the next episodes!

Beauty and the Beast was also good. It had the right amount of fantasy and at the same time CSI-ish type of series. I actually thought this was gonna be all about romance and stuff but then, when I saw the first episode, I was surprised because it is actually some sort of police series.

Good job by The CW this year! I’m sure these shows will be more awesome in the next episodes! 🙂



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