And the haunt of 2006 is gone! 5-peat baby! :>



They said that it’s De Ja Vu. Nuh-uh. I told myself, “Ateneo will fight today.”

I just don’t even wanna see myself in that 2006 painful loss. Super sakit nun. My brother was crying after the game but I guess I was more composed that time. I just told him, “Okay lang yan. Di talaga natin time”. But deep inside, sobrang sakit talaga nun. Ilang years ako hinaunt ng UST loss na yun. Naalala ko nun, the day after that Game 3 loss, may General Assembly sa Ateneo High School and sobrang tahimik ng halos lahat. Halos lahat malungkot and hindi naguusap unlike in usual General Assemblies na maingay. Siguro I guess painful pa talaga yun. That could’ve been Ateneo’s year na kasi talaga if not for the two sayang attempts of JC Intal. But oh well. I guess that’s what made Norman Black win 5 straight championships. May pinanghuhugutan siya so I guess without that loss baka walang 5-peat ngayon. Haha.

When Juami intercepted the pass, I felt relieved. Suddenly, nawala yung pain nung 2006 and it’s as if nawala lahat ng pagkainis ko sa talo na yun. In fact, before today, I wouldn’t openly discuss my thoughts on that year. Haha. Pero ngayon binoblog ko na. So yeah, as what JK Rowling said, “All is well.” At least quits na tayo, UST! Haha.

It feels great that Ateneo avenged that this year. Syempre I am happy na 5-peat champions ang Ateneo. Like I said, it is already a legacy. Kahit ilang years or decades hindi magchampion ang Ateneo, okay lang. They already made history. And as what Acchilles said in Troy, “Immortality..Take it! It’s yours”. That is probably something na mafefeel ng current squad in their 5-peat championship. UAAP is a very competitive league. To win 5 straight especially now na medyo nagkakahigpitan na sa recruitment and everyone’s leveling up in coaching, skills is just really a feat. Which is why I think it will be hard talaga for a team to achieve something like that. It might be a long time again. All 8 UAAP schools want that so yeah, mas magiging competitive talaga yan in the coming years.

It was a very good year for basketball. Ateneo was challenged well this year. Every team really wanted to beat them and I commend every UAAP team for stepping up and making the games close. UST and NU improved a lot, hands down. La Salle is back and this made me excited being a Lasallian din myself. I am excited for La Salle’s future. This basketball season was really exciting and like what NU said, “Unbreakable”.


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